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Kobo Redux released to Kobo II licensees

Kobo Redux is released to those who purchased Kobo II, and Kobo II can no longer be purchased.

Kobo II will be available again, likely on itch.io, once it's been updated to the current state of the engines it's built on.

Kobo II now also available via Gumroad!
Buy Kobo II for Windows!
This means you can easily purchase a DRM-free download directly, using any of the major credit cards, including Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, JCB, and Diners Club. No PayPal, no license files!

(Actually, there is already a license file in there. You can use that with any build of the game engine - including ones built from source!)

Kobo II WIP songs on SoundCloud

Decided to record the current versions of the songs in Kobo II, and a bit of ingame action noise. Title song below - more over here.

Kobo II Title Song by David Olofson

Kobo II Tech Preview 4

Windows 32 bit download (ZIP archive, 3.6 MB)
Linux 64 bit download (bzip2 archive, 3.3 MB)

 • New bases in Campaign Mode!
 • New weapons! Powerup icons! Spawn Deck!
 • Mouse support! Relative and absolute modes.
 • Input grab - no accidental focus loss.
 • Splash damage shockwaves work again!
 • Sound effects and music volume controls.
 • Documentation via GUI hint popups.
 • Lots of other little details.
 • Various bug fixes.

Frying a reactor module with the new Lava, that actually sticks and deals damage for a while. Also, new HUD with weapon icons, ammo etc.

Kobo II now on Indievania!

Buying it from there gives you a full version download link - no license files or keys needed! It is also possible to name your own price, should you think the current $3 is too low. ;-)

Check out the store page, or Buy now!

Kobo II Tech Preview 3

Windows 32 bit download (ZIP archive, 3.4 MB)

Finally, Tech Preview 3 is out! Basically, things haven't been going my way lately, and I'm also at the point where I have to do other stuff to pay the bills, which is a situation that does not blend with custom engines and unusual solutions. But even so, here it is! :-)

ZeeSpace is on vacation for now, awaiting a proper toolchain - but in the meantime, there will be some nice high altitude battles instead. Parallax scrolling, for the true retro fans out there! :-)

There are now two game modes; a more true Survival Mode (much more aggressive spawning; no continues), and the beginnings of a new Campaign mode that is a bit more like the old Kobo Deluxe - except we have physics around here! That is something I'm going to leverage big time later on.

UPDATE: Screenshot! :-)
The new Campaign mode, with bases, Kobo Deluxe style! The "electro" links strive to align the modules, and also transfer power from the reactor module. No power means shields, weapons and anti-grav soon fail, sending the modules crashing to the ground.

Kobo II Tech Preview 2

Windows 32 bit download (ZIP archive, 2.2 MB)

Mostly internals this time, though there is now "all-to-all" physics going on (that turned out to be quite a bit of work), and background collisions have been enabled.

The enemies are not yet particularly skilled at navigating through the terrain, but at least they're trying to not just crash into the first wall they find.

Oh, and something weird has happened to the title screen starfield. :-)

First public release: Kobo II Tech Preview 1

Windows 32 bit download (ZIP archive, 2.1 MB)

Linux/x86 and x86_64 binaries will be released shortly.

Of course, the $3 opening offer below still stands!

Opening offer: Full license ONLY $3!

Only valid for the first 300 customers, or until the first Alpha release!

Check out the shop!

Also, screenshot! :-)
Trying to destroy a Teleporter Drop Ship without being mowed down... (First version; all placeholder graphics. You might recognize the parts from somewhere. ;-)

FALL OF 2011:

 • Free, playable Tech Preview download!
 • Registration and pre-purchase opens.
 • 50% premium membership discount!

Stay tuned...

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Kobo II runs on Windows and Linux. Mac OS and possibly other platforms will be added later.

At this point, accelerated OpenGL is required, and a CPU with at least two cores is recommended.
Kobo II is in development! Specifications may change.


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