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Though a sequel to the retro styled top-down arena shooter Kobo Deluxe, which is similar to Bosconian, Kobo II is a modern physics based dual control shooter, designed as such from the ground up.

The intention is to bring the frantic retro arcade gameplay of Kobo Deluxe to old and new players alike, while offering a much smoother and more sophisticated experience.

Kobo II will add on-line multiplayer, lobby, chat, a proper soundtrack, alternative player vehicles, multiple weapons, explosions, fire, smoke, shockwaves and much more.

Due to its design and extensive use of a safe, friendly scripting language, Kobo II will also lend itself well to modding, once the engine design starts to stabilize.

A word from the designer
As you might know, I did not design the game XKobo, upon which Kobo Deluxe is based. I set out to do an SDL port, and ended up replacing practically everything but the core game logic. Had a lot of fun, learned a lot, but it's not my design. I can only hope that some of the magic rubbed off on me in the process. :-)

So, Kobo Deluxe/XKobo will certainly serve as a source of inspiration, but Kobo II is in fact a new game by a new designer. I'm starting over with just some of the basic concepts, and then I'll iterate, trying ideas, keeping what works and discarding what doesn't, until the goal is achieved:

A worthy sequel, offering countless hours of fun.

David Olofson

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Kobo II runs on Windows and Linux. Mac OS and possibly other platforms will be added later.

At this point, accelerated OpenGL is required, and a CPU with at least two cores is recommended.
Kobo II is in development! Specifications may change.


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